Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Why do clients all think they're the only person in the whole wide world that we should concern ourselves with? I just talked to a lady who was upset because she'd called "all day yesterday" (never mind that we have a 24-hour period to return calls) and I just called her today. I didn't call first thing this morning because I had an offsite meeting (which now has me doing lots of stuff I shouldn't need to be doing, because it's not my account). I'm crazed constantly, and always worried about what I'm forgetting (it's not a question of whether something is going undone, it's a question of how much is going undone and what will jump up and bite me in the butt first), and I'm sick of it. This can't be the best opportunity there is.

And because of said offsite meeting, I had to miss going to lunch with one of my friends. A big group went, and I'm missing it. Pout. On the bright side, though, they are bringing back lemon scallops for me. Which is good, since I forgot to grab lunch out of the fridge today.

Come on, good news. From Waco, from Dallas, from SOMEWHERE.

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