Monday, January 10, 2005

The big boy bed and the very busy day

I don't think I've stopped all day. After I got the bed frame put together this morning, I cleaned up around the house so the delivery guys would be able to get through. Then I went and ran errands, including getting the oil changed in my car. I learned that I needed a new serpentine belt, as mine was just about shot - great, there went $70 I didn't plan to spend. Oh well, I guess that's better than having it break and leave me stranded somewhere inconvenient. Picked up dinner from Subway, picked J up from daycare, and arrived home to find the mattress delivery guys in my driveway, EARLY. Woo hoo!

J loves his big bed. He climbed on it and bounced so hard, he flipped himself over backward. He also bounced two of the slats out of the bottom of the bed and knocked one corner of the mattress through the frame and onto the floor. I'm thinking we may just need a board to go under it. He's already figured out how to get down past the bed rail - he came walking down the hall to see me. And he didn't settle down and sleep until about 10:45. Hopefully this will pass, and bedtime won't be this late every night. If it is, he and I will both be really cranky before long!

And on that note, I'm off to bed - I might be awakened by a little boy coming down the hall at 3 in the morning (although I really hope he sleeps all night)!


StuckForNow said...

congrats on the big boy bed, so how did he do?

Lisa said...

Oh, he loved it. So much so that he didn't want to go to sleep! LOL I think it was almost 11 before he finally settled down and slept, and before that, he'd already figured out how to get down around the bed rail. AACK. Gotta put something in front of the door tonight, so I don't get awakened by a crash when he wakes up and roams at 3 AM. Once he slept, though, he did sleep all night long. Hopefully that will continue!