Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...

And spontaneous combustion, that's what little boys are made of. Tonight the topic of debate was pajamas - he decided he didn't want them on, "I'd rather be naked!" (He is such a boy.) So we had a knock-down-drag-out over being clothed, and by the time the jammies were on, it was too late for the usual pre-bedtime TV watching. When he asked to watch Elmo and I told him no, we'd used up our TV time by trying to get out of putting our pajamas on, there went nuclear meltdown round 2. *SIGH* He screamed for a good 10 minutes before finally letting out one last half-hearted "no", grabbing his blanket, and heading off to bed saying "night night time." Baby boy. We read the cookie mouse book (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie) and he finally settled down. And he said "I luff you" before going off to sleep - that does make up for a world of tantrums. :-) Hard work, but I wouldn't trade the baby moose for anything.

Since then, it's been laundry and cleaning the kitchen and computer time and a bottle of Guinness and staying up later than is prudent. Just call me our lady of perpetual tiredness. A childless friend at work asked another friend at work (who has FOUR kids) how he did it. He said he just took his vitamins and kept going, and tried not to stop and think about it too much. And that's pretty much what it takes to be a parent, especially one who works full-time - just keep going and doing what needs to be done.

On a completely unrelated note - back to the date that wasn't. I've talked to him since then, we last talked on Monday and he said he'd talk to me soon. I'm not calling, I'm waiting for him to call. Good idea or bad? Based on past experience, he tends to be more interested (or at least it seems that way to me) if he doesn't hear from me first, if he's the one taking the lead. So I'm going with that for now.

Seems like I had more on my mind to write about, but it's left me now. I'm waiting for this last load of laundry to dry - I'm thinking it will soon be time for a new dryer, this one doesn't seem to be working quite so well anymore. (Great, something else out of the ordinary to pay for.) Oh well, if any of my seemingly important thoughts come back to me, I'll share later.

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