Thursday, January 06, 2005


Our workplace is business casual, heavy on the casual - we don't deal with clients in person as a rule, so no one really dresses up much. I had to go to a meeting this morning, thought I'd dress up a little, since you never know when you might meet someone at one of these things who can give your career a boost. Nothing real fancy, just a black skirt and a black silk jacket with little pleats down the front, and my black ankle boots (which have the added benefit of being warm, since it was 20-something degrees out this morning). But it's a cut above my usual khaki skirt and knit top. I was pleasantly surprised and flattered when one of my co-workers told me I looked spiffy this morning! I like being told I look spiffy. I feel better when I know I look better.

New Year's goal: Get rid of the ugly crap in my closet and get some new clothes that I look and feel spiffy wearing. And if I can get my calves skinny enough, get some black tall boots - gotta love the boots.

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StuckForNow said...

Sounds like a good goal Lisa...spiffy is good for the ol'ego and I bet you did look spiffy...