Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy day!

What a nice surprise - I got a call from T at work! He just wanted to call and let me know he was thinking about me. That made me smile. :) He said it would have been nice to get together this weekend, but his work schedule doesn't allow for it. I'm OK with that, I've got plenty to do on the home front to keep me occupied for the weekend and then some. But I was glad to hear from him. A friend of mine suggested that maybe it was the three-day rule (apparently this is something from the movie Swingers, which I've never seen - you don't call until three days after the date), and who knows, maybe she was right! LOL Anyway, it was a happy surprise in the middle of my otherwise mundane work day.

And now, that mundane work day is almost over - time to go home, woo hoo!!!

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