Friday, June 10, 2005

Interview update, part deux

Update from today's interview! :)

I thought it went pretty well. I talked to the hiring manager for about an hour. The job sounds very challenging, but also very interesting - it's definitely a specialized niche, and she said that you can't really find people who know the role already, that they have to find people with some of the experience they're looking for and train those people to do the job. She also said she'd put off making a decision to have a chance to interview me and one other person, so that's promising, yes? :) After she and I talked, I talked to two of the attorneys who work there, doing the job I'd be doing if I'm hired. We talked for about 35 minutes, and then they took me around, gave me the tour and introduced me to everyone. The hiring manager said she's looking to make a decision pretty soon. She has one more candidate to talk to, and then she hopes to be deciding in short order, as she needs the help as soon as possible. She also asked if I'd be interested in a position later in the year, if she turned out to have more qualified people right now than she had openings (she's interviewing for four positions right now, and will have two in August or September). I had to think about half a second before I said that I'd definitely be interested in anything later! I'm terrible at reading situations, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll hear something good from this at some point. I think it would pay more than I currently make, although I'm not sure exactly how much more. This company would pay for maintaining my legal credentials (bar dues, Estate Planning Council, etc. - currently I get reimbursed for $300 worth of professional expenses, which leaves me paying probably over $700 out of pocket with all the professional crap I belong to, and the attorney occupation tax - don't even get me started on how much that annoys me), and I'd get four weeks of vacation instead of the three I currently get (and will have at my current job until hell freezes over). I'm going to send a good suck-up thank you letter, and then I guess I just wait to hear.

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