Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday in the office.

Well, here I am at work. Looks like about half of my co-workers have the day off. Lucky bastards. At least traffic was incredibly good, and since J is home with grandparents and I didn't have to make the daycare drop-off, I got here really early! So maybe I can leave a few minutes earlier than usual. And hopefully traffic will be as good going home as it was coming in.

I know I should take advantage of the quiet (it's quiet now, and I'm hoping it stays that way) to catch up, to really buckle down and get a lot done, but I'm having a hard time finding the motivation. Maybe I'll pack stuff for the move - that way I'll be accomplishing something, but it won't be work that requires a lot of deep thought.

And I was thinking of one other thing I'm thankful for: K! That may sound funny, given all the goings-on with our marriage, the emotional stress, etc. But I am thankful for him. I think our marriage was good for about 8 of the almost 10 years (or maybe neither of us had sense enough to realize it wasn't - at any rate, we were content/happy to be married to each other), we have a beautiful son, and even if we aren't good spouses for each other, at least we're good friends. I know so many people (including my sister and my college roommate) whose marital break-ups were nasty in the extreme and have left a trail of scorched earth behind. I don't think K and I will end up that way - at this point, I don't think there' s anything that either of us could do that would make the other hate us. And that's good. This whole thing needs to be as easy on J as possible, and I think K and I can work to keep J's best interests at heart. So I'm thankful for that. :-)

Gee, I'm missing out on post-Thanksgiving shopping today. Darn the luck. The parking lots of Target and Circuit City were packed when I drove by about 7:00 this morning, and I heard on the radio that some people had been lined up outside a local mall since about 3:00 this morning. I'm sorry, but there is NO deal in the world that's worth me standing outside a mall in the dark and cold for hours waiting to be first to get in. That's just bonkers.

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