Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Where to start today?

First, a brief intro. I'm Lisa - 36, separated from my husband of not quite 10 years and seriously rethinking this whole marriage situation, and full-time working mom of the busiest 2-year-old on two feet (often referred to as Super J or monkey man).

The purpose of this journal is twofold. First, it gives me a place to vent and whine and blow off all the steam that my real-life friends get tired of listening to. :) Second, it gives me a place to explore things I'm thinking about, things I might not be able to discuss with my real-life friends (and most of which I damn sure couldn't discuss with my incredibly conservative family). If it happens to brighten anyone else's day, bring a smile to someone's face, prompt someone to make a comment, or just make someone think of something in a different way, well, then, that's just lagniappe.

Happy reading - I know I'll have fun writing!


Kay said...

Happened across you from Jay and surprised I didn't find you before now. You and I have a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences. I'm glad I went back into your archives and I think I'll keep reading.

Lisa said...

Well, hi, Kayten! Welcome to the insanity that is my life. :) Happy reading, and I'm off to stop by your blog now....