Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well, shit.

I am just fucking irritated with the dependent care reimbursement people. That claim that I tried for three weeks to submit, with them never calling and telling me I had a problem with what I'd submitted, was processed yesterday. It will be deposited in my account tomorrow. Unfortunately, my math skills must be off, because my checking account is now overdrawn by $35.00. DAMMIT, DAMMIT, SHIT. I am so tired of all this financial crap. Why can't I just have a job that pays me enough to take care of my son, enough to pay my bills on time without juggling and figuring and worrying about it, enough to where I'm not scraping by paycheck to paycheck? I went to law school for THIS?! I don't think so. But geez, if they'd called me the first time I sent the damn paperwork in and said, hey, there's a problem, the money would already be in my account. Fuckety fuckety fuck fuck. I'll have $440 in there tomorrow, hopefully all the damn fees from this little $35 overdraft won't eat up all of the $440.


Lisa said...

And I wouldn't be quite so annoyed if I hadn't been *trying* to be frugal. Hell, I've been bringing lunch every day, having "clean-out-the-freezer surprise". I'm just tired of this. It seemed like I had more money in my checking account (not much more, to be sure, but more) when I was a prosecutor! AAAAAARGH.

Tommy said...

We ended up way overdrawn because Lowes cahrged my three times for something that I returned. By the time we got everything worked out we were -$300+, talk about being screwed for the holidays! We feel your pain.