Monday, November 29, 2004

My new favorites

Made a run to the liquor store over the weekend, and I now have two things to add to my favorite booze list: Guinness Extra Stout and Sylk Cream Liqueur. YUMMMMM-MY!!!! They were giving out samples of the Sylk, so I tried before I bought. It's so good, it will make you want to slap your mama. I could drink it straight out of the bottle with a straw. The bottle says it's made of cream, heather honey and malt whisky. I don't care what's in it, it tastes damn good, and it sure makes eggnog a better-than-usual seasonal treat! :-)

I'm freezing to death in the Arctic Circle more commonly known as my workplace, so I think I'll go fortify myself with lunch. I didn't get my peppermint mocha on Friday (damn Starbucks was closed, who do they think they are, taking off the Friday after Thanksgiving? LOL), so I will definitely get one this afternoon. I'll need it to keep my fingers from freezing to my keyboard. Seriously, what kind of insanity is it to have the air conditioner on when it's almost December?! I know we're in Texas, but it doesn't stay THAT hot here. Sheesh.


Gama said...

Cool blog, love it :)

Tommy said...

Guinness is awesome! The Extra Stout is even good at room temperature, I also highly recommend Guinness Pub Drought both can and bottle are great. If you buy it by hte can make sure that you pour it into a nice frosty pint glass though, don't drink from the can. The new device that is in the bottle makes for a nice head. The drought tastes just like drinking it from the keg, the purest form of Guinness enjoyment.

Tommy said...

Oh yeah... no matter which Guinness product I drink, MG will not let me get near her because she can't stand the smell.