Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday morning.

Ah, another week at the office. What fun, what joy, what happiness. (And in case you somehow missed it oozing off the screen, what sarcasm! LOL) It's started raining again. AARGH. The bottom fell out as I was dropping J off at daycare this morning, meaning I got soaked as I dashed back to the car. Thankfully this was after I had gotten him inside. I always carry a change of clothes for him, but this morning I was wishing I had one for myself!

Saturday - the ill-fated venture to Chuck E. Cheese. J was excited on the way there, talking about Marshall's party and pizza and pancakes (he heard "cake" and thought pancakes, in spite of my best efforts to explain that it was birthday cake with frosting, not pancakes!). But as soon as we got to the doors, he wanted nothing to do with it - this was even before we really got inside, where it was busy and hectic and noisy. He didn't want to have his hand stamped, and didn't want mommy to put him down. I think it was about 20 minutes from the time we pulled into the parking lot until the time we were leaving. He wanted me to hold him, and he just kept his head on my shoulder and kept saying, "Mommy, go home - ont go home (J speak for "I want to go home"). He wouldn't play with his little buddy, wouldn't look at the stage show, didn't want pizza, didn't even want me to put him down. When I did (had to, 37 pounds is a load of boy to carry!), he'd just glue himself to my legs and look up at me piteously, saying, "Ont go home." Finally, after several efforts to interest him in what was going on, I asked him if he wanted to go home. He looked at me and said, "Hum!" (his word for yes) and practically jumped up and down with excitement at the thought. So we left - I figured if I tried to stay, he'd be miserable and I would, too. Once we were outside in the parking lot, he was fine, and quite happy at the prospect of stopping at Target on the way home. "Target, shop, shop!" LOL

But it was the weekend of very little nap. On Saturday, all the nap he got was about 20 minutes in the car from Chuck E. Cheese to Target. He didn't even sleep in the car on the way home from Target. And yesterday he didn't nap AT ALL. He stayed in his bed for about an hour or so, but he kept needing/wanting something (like the time he got both legs stuck out the sides of his crib and couldn't get them back in - "Mommy, stuck, STUCK!!!"), and finally he wanted down. He was literally jumping up and down in the bed at that point, so I figured further efforts to get him to sleep would be wasted. On the bright side, though, bedtime was remarkably easy the past two nights. I'd put him in bed and within five minutes (or less) he'd be snoring - none of the usual tricks to try to win just a few more minutes' awake time. So that was nice.

And he wasn't actually awake last night when I heard him. I guess he was just dreaming and talking in his sleep. He does that occasionally - one night he was making animal sounds, guess he was dreaming about animals! LOL He slept all night, though. You'd think that would mean I'm well-rested this morning, but I never seem to catch up on my sleep.

At least I've got a bunch of short work weeks coming up. This week: off on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Next week: we're closed on Friday, 12/3, for the move (our offices are moving to a new building, and the movers will be at work starting Thursday evening and all day Friday). The following week, I'm taking 12/10 as a vacation day. The week after that, I'm taking 12/13 (woo hoo, that means a four-day weekend!). The week after that, we're closed 12/24 for Christmas. So from now until the end of the year, the only 5-day work week I'll have will be December 27-31. Woo hoo!!!! :-) Of course, that's just that much less time I have to get actual work done, but the mental health days will be nice.

And speaking of the move, things are starting to look pretty bare around here. A lot of non-essential stuff has already been taken away, and lots of things are being packed up. Seems like all our supplies are being packed, like large envelopes for mailing and things we might actually need before next Friday. So how are we supposed to work if they've taken away the things we need???? Oh well.

I'm sure I'll have more to write later, but for now I'd better get to work.

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