Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thoughts on religion.

I grew up Southern Baptist, very conservative and pretty much scared of everything. I've changed a lot since my son was born two years ago, and as I've changed, I've come to realize I used my faith as something to hide behind. I used it as justification to avoid things, to avoid thinking, to avoid life. (Not saying that anyone who's Baptist or conservative or anything like that does this, I'm just saying that that's what I've come to realize about myself.) I don't think I'm a very good Baptist, and I don't think that faith necessarily fits me anymore. I'd term myself more of a seeker at this point. I believe in God/dess (a feminine aspect to the Divine, that alone would disqualify me from being a card-carrying Baptist! LOL), I believe in a higher power than myself, I believe that higher power takes an interest in me and in what happens to me.

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