Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My son, the negotiator.

Yet another purpose of this journal: to talk about my wonderful, beautiful, curious, headstrong, fascinating son! :-)

Looks like J wants to follow in mommy's footsteps and become a lawyer - he's already working on his negotiation skills. First, he didn't want dinner - he wanted chips and cookies, instead of perfectly good pancakes (which he'd asked for several times on the way home). I told him no cookies until he finished dinner, and he dropped his fork and said, "Finished!" without ever having taken a bite. OY. So I didn't push, I figured he knew how to eat if he was hungry. I said, fine, no dinner, no cookies, let's go take a bath.

Then bedtime. In bed at 8:30, as usual. Not asleep until almost 10:30 - YIKES. We haven't had a night like that in a while. First he wanted cookies. No, baby, no cookies. Then he asked for applesauce - I figured he probably was hungry, not having eaten dinner, so he ate applesauce. SIX little bowls of it. Back in bed. "Mommy, rock, shoulder" (mommy, I want to rock on your shoulder). OK, we rocked. Back in bed. "Rock again, rock again." Nope, time to sleep. Lie down, squirm, fidget. "Poo, change." Go check - no poo, go to sleep. And on and on. But the thing that made me laugh out loud - at one point he was asking for candies (his word for fruit snacks). "I want candies." I told him no, no candies, it was time for bed. His response? "One. One candy?" LOLOLOL Great, he's already making counteroffers!!!! Help!!!! He's too much.

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