Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is it just me, or is this ironic?

The third purpose of this journal: for me to comment on things that amuse, entertain, perplex or fascinate me.

I was just reading an article on AOL about the latest juror dismissal in the Scott Peterson trial, and the article referred to Mr. Peterson as a former fertilizer salesman. I didn't know this. For some reason, it strikes me as funny that a former fertilizer salesman is now, through legal counsel, trying to sell a jury what could be a big ol' line of bullshit about how he didn't kill his pregnant wife. I don't know what really happened, I wasn't there, I didn't see it happen - I'm not even sitting in the courtroom to have heard all the evidence presented. I just think it's funny - former fertilizer salesman, criminal defendant. Am I the only one who sees a similarity there, or is it just my prosecutorial past that steers me along that line of thought?

Enough for one night. It's late, I should go get some sleep while the getting is good (my son was up at 5:17 this morning, 3 minutes before my alarm went off - first thing he said was "trucks"). I love having this online. It's so much faster for me to type my thoughts instead of writing them out (although I do still have my black spiral-bound sketch books for that purpose - some things should *never* be seen by anyone but me).

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