Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Life sucks, but what can you do?

Every time I turn around, something else seems to give me a kick in the teeth. Usually it's something related to money or the lack thereof - something's broken and needs fixing, I don't have money to pay this-that-or-the-other-thing, or just the general worry over the poor state of my finances. Right now my checking account is overdrawn, and I don't get paid until Monday. Happy happy, joy joy. I've been trying to cultivate an attitude of abundance, and remember that abundance does not equal monetary wealth, that there is enough to meet my needs, that the universe will provide. Hard to keep that in mind, though, when things like this keep whacking me in the head.

At any rate, I freaked out yesterday when I found out about it. Now I guess I'd describe myself as cheerfully resigned. I can't get any more money right now, short of knocking off a bank or some other illegal act (and I won't do that - I was a prosecutor in a former incarnation, no way am I doing anything to end up in jail), so I really can't do anything about it. So why cry and mope and stress myself out? Might as well go home and have a nice glass of wine and a bubble bath after my son goes to sleep - it's much more fun.

Anyway, I'm really getting tired of finances sucking. I'm eleven years out of law school. WHEN, I'd like to know, does it get BETTER?!?!?!

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