Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday, Monday, all day long

The day started off all right - daycare drop-off was grumpy but not hideous, it was rainy/drippy but traffic didn't completely suck. Then I realized I'd forgotten my purse at home, and the insurance card I needed for my doctor's appointment this afternoon was in said purse. *SIGH* I called the doctor's office, they had to have a card. Called my regular doctor to see if they could fax a copy of their copy of my card. No, their copy was crap. Called the new doctor back - sorry, you'll have to reschedule. So my appointment has now been moved to January 24, 2005, when I'll have new insurance and will (hopefully) remember to bring my card. I've got accounts going haywire, a pile of work the size of Montana, and no will to work. And it's not even noon yet....

Thanksgiving was fun. Hooray for grandparents - they brought trucks for J, restocked the fridge, and left us with enough leftovers to play clean-out-the-fridge/freezer surprise until the next big food fest at Christmas! :-) J napped some days, didn't nap others, and generally ran around like a little dervish. He was fascinated yet repelled by the dachshund that came to visit - he'd reach out to pet her but pull away at the last minute, and when she licked his face once, he just went bonkers. Not scared, just not 100% sure he wanted much to do with her. He was awfully entertained by her, just laughed and laughed when he saw her, but didn't care to get too close.

And now I'm back at work, totally overloaded and thoroughly unmotivated to address the big pile o' crap on my desk. I need to finish packing for the office move - guess I'll stash my personal things in my car until I come up on Saturday to set up my new space.

I'll write more later - my brain feels too much like mush to really think much at the moment.

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