Monday, November 22, 2004

My new favorite quote

From Daryl "Razor" Reaugh, one of the Dallas Stars commentators (God, I miss hockey *SIGH* ):

"A budget can be a method of going broke methodically."

So true, so true....


Tommy said...

I hate the fact that there is no hockey this year. With the Cowboys barely showing up to play and no Stars Hockey, there is nothing worth watching until sometime next summer (I can't stand to watch basketball). I'm so mad at the players for this I can't stnad it! At least the owners realized that if they had to raise the ticket prices the venue turnout would drop which would leave to televised blackouts and would eventually kill the league. (Not like this is helping it any). You would think that the players would think of the fans a little more but then we've really just heard one side of the story I guess.

Lisa said...

Tommy, I'm not sure either side is thinking much of the fans. I think the whole thing is ridiculous, and I'm afraid it will really hurt the sport. I think this season is pretty much toast, and I hope there'll be enough pieces left to pick up after all this to make a 2005-2006 season.