Monday, November 15, 2004

One of those days...

that would make St. Francis want to kick cats. I'd submitted a claim for reimbursement from my dependent care account almost two weeks ago, and not heard anything. I called and finally got a live person, after navigating all the voice mail menus, only to find out that the claim had been denied because I'd submitted it for expenses incurred before I started putting money in my dependent care account here. Duh, stupid mistake on my part, to be sure. But was no one going to let me *know* the claim was denied?! I'm just changing the service dates on the form and sending it in again - it's just the annoyance factor of having to do that, of not being told that they weren't sending the money and why, and of the fact that the cash would be a big help to me at the moment. AARGH.

My inbox (we have a document imaging system here, most of our mail comes to us electronically through this system rather than as actual hard copy) is out of sorts, too. I can't get into it, no matter how many times I've tried to reboot and start over. I can't access documents for any of my accounts, which makes it a challenge to look things up. All of these little technological glitches are making it very hard for me to cross things off my "to do" list, which is contributing to the feeling that I'd like to kick something. Grrrrr....

And here's a puzzling question: I can set up reminders for tasks on my Outlook e-mail. That's pretty handy. Lots of the things I set up don't have specific due dates, I just set up reminders so that I have some chance of not completely forgetting to take care of the 3 million little details I have to attend to on a daily basis (this way, I only forget 1 million of them, instead of 2.5 million). How, if there's no due date set on a reminder, can something be "overdue"???? I'm probably the only one who's ever noticed that and wondered.

Oh, how I wish it was 5:00. I am so ready not to be here today, even though the weather is less than great and I've got errands to run on the way home (always fun, trying to get my son into the buggy at the grocery store when he's almost as tall as me - at least he likes going to the store, though, so it could be worse).

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