Thursday, December 02, 2004


Thank you to Tommy and Jay for your comments! I'll respond in more detail later, and I really appreciate the thoughts. It's helpful having an objective male point of view - I may be an uncommon woman, be practical and logical and, in many ways, think more like a man, but deep down, I'm still female and still think like one when you get right down to it.

Things are crazed at work - last-minute packing and running around, no work getting done at all. I'm really looking forward to having tomorrow off. I'm hoping to sneak out a few minutes early! :-)

I'm much better than I was earlier. I got a lot of help and a listening ear from my team leader - I didn't tell her all the gory personal details, but I did tell her I had some stuff going on and that work, on top of that, was a bit overwhelming at the moment. She walked me through the disaster I had going on this morning - it's mostly done, and at least under control, so that's a relief (and a learning experience, which is good). She made me feel better about not having it all together, she's been doing this five years and told me it's normal to feel overwhelmed, it's a lot to get a handle on. And that helped a lot, hearing that from someone who's been there.

Then I went to the Dallas Estate Planning Council meeting, and it was nice to get out of the office. I realized what a law geek I really am. The topic was the use of life insurance in estate planning. I realized that not only did I know what ILIT's and GRAT's and split-dollar arrangements were, but that I *liked* the discussion, I *wanted* to have something to do with that. I frighten myself sometimes. LOLOLOL

So, I'm not going to burst into flame anymore, which is nice. I'm off tomorrow. I plan to take my car in for an oil change and tire rotation, and hopefully exchange stuff for cash at Half Price Books, CD Warehouse and Once Upon a Child. And maybe I'll have time to come home and take a nice nap in a quiet house, since J will be at daycare. :-) Mental health day for Mama!!!!


Jay said...

Kitti suggests Snuffers' Cheddar Fries with ranch dressing as a way to improve any day in Dallas. I've had them three times and I agree.

In fact we may give them a go next month.


Tommy said...

What the hell is Snuffer's? We hang out on the Fort Worth, South Arlington side of the area. People just don't know how to drive once you get east of 360 or north of 30. And I have a week long class in Plano coming up, Ack!!!

Lisa said...

Mmm, Snuffer's. *insert Homer Simpson drooling noises here* I've never had them, but I've heard good things - I'll have to try them one day. (Hey, fries and cheese, how can that be bad?!) Maybe tomorrow would be good!

Tommy, it's not that bad - I'm south of Dallas, and I used to drive up to Addison to work. Every day for four years, never an accident, never a ticket. :-) You'll be fine!

Kitti Loves Jay said...

Snuffer's is simply heaven on earth. Great burgers, fries absolutely covered in cheese with ranch dressing, big margaritas, huge glasses of iced tea...mmmmm!

I think they now have several locations around Dallas (see in addition to the original on lower Greenville. Ah the good old days in Dallas! What was I thinking to leave all that for LALA land?

We'd make the drive from my parents' place in Oklahoma just for one meal!