Friday, December 03, 2004

Musical thoughts

I've been rummaging through stuff this morning, finding books to take to Half Price Books, CD's to take to CD Warehouse. I found a Michael W. Smith CD I'd forgotten about, and I've been listening to it:

Sometimes I wish I was in a movie
Or some 70s TV thing
Where everything gets neatly wrapped by the end of the show
Yea, but this ain't Hollywood
And this sure ain't the Brady Bunch and
How this plot's gonna all pan out I don't really know
--Michael W. Smith, Love Me Good

I may not know how it will all pan out, but it will all be OK.

I'm off to hopefully trade crap for cash and to meet my old college roomie for coffee. It's a glorious sunny day. I wish my driver's side window worked, so I could roll it down and enjoy the wind on my face (well, at least until I got too cold to stand it anymore - it's nippy).

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