Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Well, friends, my blog time has just been severely limited. There's a big crackdown on Internet use going on at work (as in, people are being let go for using it too much), so I won't be blogging during the workday anymore. *SIGH* Whatever shall I do?! Actually work?! What a drag.

This also means I won't get to visit blogs as often as I'd like. I'm really bummed about this. I'll just make do with slow dial-up at home on evenings and weekends, I reckon. No, really, I'm *really* bummed.

Of course, this means that I'll probably write novels when I do post! LOL

All that being said, here I am at home with not a blessed thing on my mind, if you can believe that! It's late, I worked out tonight (walked on the treadmill - only 20 minutes, but it's a start), and now I'm enjoying a lovely Guinness, no doubt undoing any good the workout accomplished. I think Guinness must be one of the greatest beverages ever - good, good stuff.

Now I really should get off of here and get some sleep - the alarm goes off early at 5:00. See y'all later....


Tommy said...

Don't ever feel bad about drinking a Guinness. You know it is made of pure spring water, choice grains, and a little flavoring from some hops. The small amount of sugar that was added during the fermentation process is actually already broken down into its subcomponents so its easier for your body to burn. If you look at it this way, Guinness is really just a sports drink with alcohol.

Chris said...


You can set up an email address to use for your blogging. Then all you have to do to blog is send an email to the address and poof! It is posted. Take a look under your blogger settings.

Lisa said...

A sports drink with alcohol - Tommy, I knew I liked you! :-) You're a man after my own heart.

Chris, I like the suggestion of blogging by e-mail. Unfortunately, I'm nervous about even getting on to non-work e-mail at work, given the current trend of cracking down on non-business Internet use. So I guess that for now, I'll pop in when I can - maybe things will cool down at work eventually and I'll have a little more time to post.