Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Ugh. Is it time to go home yet?! I have my review coming up with my manager next week. I just hope they don't say, "hmm, you really aren't picking up on this as quickly as we'd hoped, no job for you." I keep telling myself, if anything were that bad, surely there would be some warning involved. Gotta work on my time management skills if I have a prayer of staying on top of this insane amount of work.

I bought myself a bottle of Damiana liqueur last night. I found it mentioned in a little drink recipe book I bought, and thought it sounded interesting. I'll have to make something with it and see what I think - I did open the bottle last night, it smelled really good!

I'll write more later, I'm supposed to go see my counselor at 2:00, and I've got so much going on, I hate to take the time away from my desk. And I've got to pack up stuff for the upcoming move, fun fun!!


Tommy said...

You might serve Damiana Rita's at your party, that would start to boost the sales. I didn't like the taste of it straight and MG really didn't like it, but if its mixed it might not be bad.

Mo's Girl said...

nasty stuff, make sure you mix it with something that will totally kill the taste. IF you are interestedin Damiana take it in an herbal pill form!!!!