Friday, December 17, 2004

One of life's little mysteries...

How can my nose be immovably clogged and yet run at the same time? I thought losing my voice was just due to allergies. Now I wonder if I'm not working on a cold. Blech. I don't feel terrible, I just have a stuffy head and sneeze a lot. *SIGH* Talk about weekend fun.

I'm not in much of a thoughtful mood today. I'm tired, too tired to think profound thoughts right now. It's a big Friday night, I'm up too late, watching more episodes of The Shield, eating popcorn and drinking a Guinness. On the weekend agenda: a trip to the library and some Christmas shopping! I'll just be glad when the Christmas hoo-ha is done for another year, although I am really enjoying Christmas lights a lot more than I have in recent years, seeing them through J's eyes. He loves 'em all, every time we pass a house that's lit up, he yells, "mo' Christmet lights!" That's one of the great things about having a child, you re-learn to appreciate things you've taken for granted.

It's late - one more episode of The Shield, or bed? Eh, maybe one more - sleep's overrated anyway! LOL

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JamDaddy said...

Kids are great. When they get to be teens you can re-remember all the reasons you used to get in trouble. Then remember the punishments you used to get and reign terror down on them, BWAHAHAHA!