Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday morning.

Well, we're in the new space at work. I remembered to come here this morning, didn't inadvertently go to the old building. Getting here was no problem. Now I just have to find a good way out of downtown from this location.

Things are a bit chaotic. Printers aren't working correctly, things aren't all finished out, supplies aren't where they should be, and one of my co-workers doesn't even have a working computer. Isn't moving fun? Oh well, it's not a bad space.

I have my quarterly review with my manager at 11:00. Eek. I'm nervous. At my old job, at least I'd been there long enough to know where I stood and to feel reasonably sure my higher-ups were pleased with my performance. Here, I don't know. I hate not knowing. I hope it goes better than I think it will.

I've probably got more to write, but can't focus now - too busy worrying about my review. Wish me luck, and I'll be back later.

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