Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What's the point...

of striving to meet goals that get you points on your annual review when the customers don't care about you getting in touch with them and are often rather rude about it?! Yeah, that's a kick in the teeth - do this to do well at your job, but by the way, the customers won't appreciate it, will hang up on you, will yell at you, or will ask a million questions and turn what should have been a 5-minute phone call into a day and a half of extra work. *SIGH* But if you don't meet the goals, higher-ups aren't happy, which usually translates into "no raise or bonus for you". Working sucks rocks.


Jay said...

At least you get an annual review and the chance for a bonus.


Lisa said...

True. When I was a prosecutor, there wasn't much chance for a bonus, that's for sure!